Below are some frequently asked questions about our various services. If you have other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask

Q. What Area do you service ?

A. Our service area is approximately a 40 mile radius around Sunset, South Carolina.

Q. What is the charge for your services?

A. Service fees are based upon the custom plans created for you and your home’s specific needs. After completion of a property assessment, we will create a tailored plan that includes costs and terms. One-time services are available. Take advantage of significant savings by signing up for an annual agreement.

Q. Sometimes we have friends and family that use our home when we are not there. Do you provide services for those times as well ?

A. Yes, absolutely! We prepare for your guest’s arrival with the same level of detail and consideration. Our departure services are especially convenient when you have unattended guests because you know that your home will be returned to its original condition before your next arrival.

Q. What is your experience and qualifications?

A. In 1995, I graduated with a degree in Construction Engineering and Technology with a minor in Business. After graduation, I founded a Home Improvement business, building decks and other smaller projects. Gradually the projects became larger in scale, and in 1998, I built my first custom home. The homes became more complex and customized, and I even designed homes and developed property. In the creation of Upstate Carolina Property Services, I am utilizing all of my skills developed over the past 25 years to create and expand into my House Watch Service, When I say I know your house from the ground up, I mean it ! I am licensed and insured in two states. Visit my website, www.piersonhomesllc.com, to view my references with over 1,000 satisfied customers and samples of my work ” that I built“, some of which has been featured in magazines, newspaper, tv commercials, and the news! Utilizing my services will be one of the best moves in the Upstate that you will make !